4 Long-Term Benefits of Purchasing Amish Furniture

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The primary benefit of Amish furniture is that it is deeply satisfying to use. Amish pieces are warm, grounding, and easy to match to any décor. The pleasure of a solid wood chair, sofa, table, or bed is unquestionable. But that personal enjoyment is only one of several advantages that Amish furniture offers.

Amish Furniture Benefits: 4 Lasting Advantages

1. Timeless Look

The classic look of Amish furniture is impossible to replicate in mass production. While mass-produced furniture seeks to satisfy momentary trends, Amish furniture styles follow perennial design dictums, such as proportion and balance. Amish craftsmen hand-select timber for each piece, resulting in unique beauty and strength. They apply different styles to each piece of furniture they create.

Shaker Amish furniture is simple and functional, with exquisite joinery. Mission style Amish pieces feature exposed joints and clean lines. Gish’s Furniture’s Jamestown Bookcase, for instance, is a modern take on the Mission style; it has overhanging edges and panels, with the added interest of outward tapered corner posts. The most ornate style in the Amish repertoire is Queen Anne, with its ornately carved details. Generally, the Amish take their design inspiration for nature, so whatever style of Amish furniture you select it will convey the timeless beauty of the natural world.

2. Heirloom Quality

Amish furniture will last for decades if not generations, thanks to the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship. While mass-produced furniture often contains wood veneers, Amish furnishings are composed of solid wood, specifically chosen for the piece at hand. Amish craftsman review each cut and joint carefully; any potential problems spots are seen and removed long before a piece of Amish furniture reaches your home. Factory-made furniture is likely to contain structural weaknesses and inconsistent finishes, leading to breakage and scratches. Amish furniture is built by hand, so it’s strong enough to last a lifetime (or two!).

As evidence, consider our Madison Double Pedestal Table. Its traditional style and simple design results in undeniable solidity. Two curved supports and a connecting stretcher support the hefty table surface. As with all Amish Furniture, the Madison Double Pedestal table is made of solid wood, for durability and beauty.

3. Environmentally Friendliness

From several different angles, Amish furniture is more earth-friendly than mass produced furniture. First and foremost, Amish furniture’s durability means that it doesn’t require replacement every few years, as factory-built furniture so often does. Rather than buying new furniture every decade or so, consumers can buy one set of high-quality Amish furniture and pass it on to their kids. That longer period of use minimizes the amount of furniture waste entering our landfills. So, rather than shelling out more money every couple of years for new bar chairs, you can select our stunning Lilac Lattice Barchairs to enjoy for decades.

Moreover, Amish furniture is biodegradable, as it is made from wood. (Of course, wood only rots if it is exposed to the elements; Amish furniture makers dry and stabilize wood prior to construction to allow lifetimes of indoor use.) In contrast, mass-produced pieces contain materials that hinder or entirely prevent natural decomposition. For instance, particleboard or MDF is wood composite injected with resin. The resin makes the wood impermeable to moisture, so that a piece of broken factory furniture will stand in a landfill for many years to come. In addition to a friendly end-of-life outlook, Amish furniture is born eco-friendly, as its lumber is harvested sustainably.

Toxicity is another key environmental consideration. Mass-produced furniture often contains dangerous materials such as formaldehyde. Flame-retardants, adhesives, synthetic bonding materials, and composite woods may also be present. These and other noxious substances may contain VOCs (Volitile Organic Compounds) which vaporize at room temperature, off-gassing dangerous chemicals and putting your family’s health at risk. With Amish furniture you don’t have to worry about your family’s exposure to chemical hazards, as they only ingredients are wood and low-VOC catalyzed conversion varnish.

Finally, Amish furniture workshops contribute very little pollution to the environment, as they are human-powered. Amish beliefs do not allow the use of electricity, so Amish collectibles are made using hydraulic and pneumatic tools, which are far more earth-friendly than those used in furniture factories.

4. Made in America

Amish furniture is made on American soil by hardworking Amish carpenters who have spent years honing their woodworking skills. By purchasing Amish furnishings, you are supporting uniquely American communities of hardworking, devout craftsmen. The Amish live frugally as part of their faith; as such, they are able to sustain entire communities with furniture making. Contrast this with factory furniture sellers who tend to source their furniture from countries with low wages and poor working conditions, such as China, Vietnam, and India.

When using your Amish furniture, you can appreciate its positive origins. Let’s say you select our Mission Sofa Chair; every time you settle into that chair with a good book, you’ll have a moment of pride knowing that you chose to support workers and their families.

The longer you own Amish furniture, the more memories you will make with it, and the more you will come to treasure it. Let’s say you select our Jackson Panel Back Full Bed. At first, your heart will swell with pride upon seeing your new relaxation oasis. Yet as the years go by you will come to associate your lasting family relationships with that bed, and how long it has lasted. Ongoing pride of ownership will continue to grow with Amish furniture. Visit one of our Amish furniture stores today to find the perfect long-lasting, eco-friendly, American-made pieces for your home.



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2 thoughts on “4 Long-Term Benefits of Purchasing Amish Furniture

  1. Jack Mulligan says:

    I like your point that Amish furniture from an Amish furniture store will be more environmentally friendly that regular furniture. I like that the wood used is natural and will be biodegradable and not treated with anything that will stop that process. It’s also pretty cool that it’s made sustainably. I’ll have to get some Amish furniture for my home so I won’t have to worry about buying again for a long time.

  2. Oscar O'Malley says:

    I like that you mentioned that Amish furniture will last for decades, if not generations. My wife and I saw some really nice Amish furniture at a local store last week, and I think it would be perfect for our new home. I’ll be sure to head back over to that store when we finish moving in.

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