5 Amish Coffee Tables We Love

Heartland Mission Tile Top Coffee Table

Coffee tables are the powerhouse of a sitting area. They hold remote controls, decorations, books, magazines, photos, food and drinks. They complete the look of a room and serve as the ultimate in form and function, which is why picking out the perfect coffee table is not a blasé task. When you’re shopping for Amish coffee tables, think about your needs and how you want the table to function in your space.

Considerations when Choosing a New Coffee Table

  • Function: How will you use the coffee table? For storage? As seating? Match your coffee table to the most important purposes you have in mind.
  • Form: Think about how you want the coffee table to perform aesthetically. Do you want it to fade into its surroundings or serve as an accent piece?
  • Room size and seating area: Match the size of the coffee table to the size of the room and the furniture surrounding it. If you have a large seating arrangement, two smaller transitional coffee tables might look as great as a large coffee table.
  • Weight: If you plan to move the coffee table often, look for one that is lighter in weight.
  • Storage: Mission coffee tables can offer a great way to keep items that you use often (e.g., remote controls and magazines) close yet out of sight. Think about what you plan to keep on top, within or under a coffee table.
  • Materials: Consider the company you keep. If you have children or guests who neglect to use coasters with sweaty drinks, an Amish coffee table with catalyzed conversion varnish will ensure you don’t end up with water rings.

Fabulous Amish Coffee Tables at Gish’s

  • Timber Mill Coffee Table: A quintessential example of Amish tables, the Timber Mill coffee table boasts sawmill distressed planking. The rustic design is paired with modern functionality, such as fully extending glides that make opening and closing the drawers simple. The catalyzed conversion varnish ensures the table will look beautiful for decades.
  • Dawson Coffee Table: The perfect blend of elegance and boldness, the Dawson coffee table’s stalwart design will not go unnoticed in your room. The distressing and planking used in its construction, along with the variety of stain options available, add to the table’s rich character, ensuring a long history as an heirloom piece.
  • Heartland Mission Tile Top Coffee Table: Bringing you the ultimate in versatility and American craftsmanship, the Heartland Mission Tile Top coffee table is sure to be a conversation piece in your space. Made with your choice of wood species, the table’s tile top adds to your décor while standing up to the abuses of everyday life. The drawers and spacious cabinets neatly keep essentials close by.
  • Barnwood Coffee Table: Bringing you a modern variation on a classic Amish coffee table style, the Barnwood’s two tones complement a variety of decorative styles. The unique rustic Barnwood tabletop shares a story and the simple shaker-style legs provide strength on which you can depend.
  • Elmo Coffee Table: The ideal transitional coffee table for a contemporary space, the Elmo coffee table features sleek lines with curves in the right places. Available in a selection of wood species, the graceful storage features built into the table keeps small objects neatly out of sight.

The best coffee table is one that works for your space, brings you joy and lasts a lifetime. For assistance with finding the right Amish coffee tables for your room, get in touch with Gish’s Furniture Design Consultants and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation. By choosing furniture made by the best craftsmen in America, you’re investing in your home and family with a piece that will last for generations.


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