5 Furniture Design Trends You’ll See in 2018

With the arrival of 2018, we usher in new design trends you might want to implement in your home if you feel it’s time for a new look to your living room, bedroom, den, or any other room you’d like to upgrade. Here at Gish’s Furniture, we’d like to take a look at five furniture trends you’ll see this year to provide you with some inspiration.


Adding colors and patterns found in nature can add a certain sense of peace and tranquility to your interior. If you’re looking to add a bit of this natural aesthetic to your home, know that terracotta is expected to be seen in a lot of homes this year.

Specifically, terracotta is a vibrant earth hue that includes hints of red and orange. You’re sure to feel as if you’re deep in the heart of the earth if you choose to pair furniture with a terracotta hue with walls painted a similar color.


While there’s certainly something to be said about a minimalist approach to furniture design trends that consist of a few colors and stripped-down patterns, you might feel more comfortable on the other side of the spectrum. The idea with maximalism is to have a design packed with colors and patterns, going to the max rather than going to the minimum. While the collision of colors and shapes might be a bit jarring, especially if you’re more used to a stripped-down design, the approach could make you feel right at home.

Self-Care Spaces

The importance of self-care has been making headlines recently, and it’s also making its way into home designs this year. Essentially, you can expect to see furniture pieces that emphasize overall comfort rather than appearances. Anyone who lives a fast-paced life and feels they really don’t have the time to slow down for a day at the spa or take time out to just relax and read a book can find comfort and peace just by sitting in a velvet chair or on a velvet couch.

Sustainable Designs

You might be looking for ways to go green in your home and use more sustainable products. If so, know that you’re likely to see such practices when it comes to furniture pieces this year. From smartphone screens and recycled cans to pineapple leaves and recycled plastics, sustainability is most certainly the name of the game. Before you frown on the idea of such materials, know that their designs look and feel surprisingly sleek, upscale and modern.

Single-Shade Designs

If you are a minimalist and feel you can’t change no matter how many times you’ve tried wild patterns and loud colors, you might be pleased to know that same color shades are in style. Maybe you’d like to outfit your living room with a pure white layered with an eggshell white and a beige hue. Or perhaps you’d like nothing but blue scattered throughout your den. Either way, you’re sure to have an easier time finding just what you’re looking for in 2018.

To help make and keep your home trendy no matter the year, Gish’s Furniture is at your disposal. Visit us for more ideas and to start your search.

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