5 Furniture Design Trends You’ll See in 2016

Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Certainly, furniture trends will come and go, but the best pieces have their own unending style. Let’s take a look at leading interior design trends for 2016, and how Amish handmade furniture boasts the perennial style that continues to be cherished. We’ll focus on how today’s trends apply to living room pieces.

Top 5 Furniture Trends for 2016

1. Handcrafted Products and Organic Shapes

This year, it’s hip to support local artisans creating hand-made goods. This may be incorporated into a living room in the form of pottery, hand-woven textiles, and handcrafted furniture. Also look for organic forms, such as live edge tables.

The Abigail End Table is an excellent way to include this trend in your living room. It features graceful curving legs supporting lower and upper surfaces. The exceptional attention to detail—such as the slight lip—belies that this piece is hand-made by Amish craftsmen.

2. Textures and Metallics

Brass and gold have been popular for some time now; expect to see more bronze and rose metallic tones. Metallics can easily be brought into a room through warm-toned metal picture frames. Also expect faux fur to loom large this year, as well as other interesting textures, such as in natural fiber rugs, placemats, and other accents.

To express this trend without purchasing a piece that will soon look outdated, search for natural textures in our handmade furniture. For instance, our Country Mission Sofa’s coffee-colored fabric is inviting—your guests will want to touch it. (It is available in other fabric tones as well, to match your décor.)

3. Dramatic Color

Pantone’s nine color palettes for 2016 include unapologetic tones in striking combinations. Their “Natural Forms” palette is the most conservative option, with rosy clay and sheepskin beige options. While natural tones will always strike a stylish note, also expect to see more dramatic color combinations in 2016, as found in Panetone’s “Dichotomy” (bright cobalt blue, sunny yellow, and silver), “Bijou” (bright jewel tones), and “Merriment” (vibrant pink, orange, green, and yellow). Design conferences are showcasing dramatic blues, including indigo and denim—the perfect compliment to recent years’ focus on turquoise shades.

Our Mission Recliner’s fabric features intertwined geometric shapes, with a mid-century artistic flare and just the right amount of color to lend your living room lasting panache.

4. Ethnic and Animal Prints

Jungle chic is in this year, from zebra area rugs to floral throw cushions.

Rather than making the leap toward the fickle animal print trend, we suggest adding a piece or two with classic flair. For instance, our Sleigh Sofa Chair features a burgundy and tan floral motif that would look equally enchanting in an eighteenth-century chateau as in a modern living room.

5. Indoor/Outdoor Living

It’s cool to be green, and designers are looking for ways to bring the outdoor in through green plants—tabletop gardens, side tables, and terrariums will be popular in 2016. Natural, eco-friendly materials (such as wood) will also figure large. More than ever, consumers seek environmentally friendly furniture that will last, rather than requiring replacement in a few short years.
Amish furniture is made by craftsmen with a strong connection to the natural world. The Amish eschew many of the modern conveniences we take for granted, only using telephones and cars when absolutely necessary. Their stunning furniture continues to compliment any room because it is inspired by nature. Simple geometric shapes in Amish furniture are restful for the eyes. To see what we mean, check out the side slats on our Deluxe Swivel Glider and Mission Sofa Table.

As any interior designer will tell you, the challenge in décor is to achieve both contemporary pizzazz and long-lasting style. The best pieces look au currant for decades because they typify eternal rules of beauty—proportion, symmetry, and balance, to name a few. Handcrafted furniture is durable and beautiful enough to compliment any room for generations. Our heirloom pieces are timeless. They will look fantastic in your living room now, and for decades to come.

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7 thoughts on “5 Furniture Design Trends You’ll See in 2016

  1. Jack Palmer says:

    I like how you explained, “Certainly, furniture trends will come and go, but the best pieces have their own unending style.” We are trying to find some furniture for our new place and it made me think of the kind of furniture that was in my home growing up. They designs and styles have definitely changed. I really like the options of couches and book shelves we’ve seen so far; I think we’ll be able to put something nice together. Thanks for the read!

  2. Tara Allen says:

    Furniture is definitely what makes your home unique. I really like that you can select furniture that will work perfect for your home as far as design goes. Having so many options of furniture gives you a chance to really be creative and make your place one of a kind.

  3. Ria Mae says:

    I love eco-friendly furniture made with natural materials, such as wood, woven fibers and other materials. As interior designer, I really appreciate the unique mix of elements like color, metals, shapes and others that were combined to create a one of a kind eco friendly furniture.

  4. Suzeth says:

    Great selection for furniture design trends! I am planning to update my space or add a few pieces to it. Thank you for sharing.

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