7 Easy Tips to Make Your Home More Welcoming All Year

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Everyone can think of a home in which they have felt truly welcomed. Perhaps it is a family home from childhood or the home of a welcoming friend after a long journey. When we think of these times, sometimes it’s not easy to put our finger on why we felt welcomed. Was it just because we loved or felt loved by the people there? Or was there something more?

For any of us who have held a gathering in our home, we know that there is a great deal that goes into the planning and preparation for such an event. There’s the grocery shopping, the food prep, and the obligatory deep cleaning at a minimum. But do any of these guarantee that our guests will feel welcomed? What if they come on a different day, when we haven’t scrubbed in between the tiles, and we don’t have a full spread of delicious foods? Is there a way to make a home welcoming at any time? We think so. Here are 7 simple tips to ensure that your home is welcoming all year long.

The Entrance

As a guest approaches and enters a home, there is already a message they are receiving. In order to ensure that the message is a welcoming one, a combination of things can help. First, a clear path up to and into the home is important. Having to step over and around obstacles says “Go away.” That’s not to say that a cute seasonal display or a leafy green plant are a problem at all. Just remove debris and clutter to do the trick. Second, warm lights both outside and inside will set the tone and say, “We’re glad you’re here.” And, the third is the most important: the host or hostess. A warm smile and welcoming handshake or hug can convey a welcome like nothing else.  And this brings us to …


A home can only be welcoming if we make it so. The host or hostess are integral to the atmosphere of a home. Can we even imagine a place being welcoming if the people in it weren’t?  Laughter, smiles, a cheerful greeting, and a genuine interest in a guest’s welfare will all work to create a welcoming setting.  And speaking of the people …


One of the best ways to create a welcoming atmosphere in a home is to let that home share a bit of yourself with your guests. Unique, one-of-a-kind furnishings and décor allow you to infuse your home with your own special personality. Amish made furniture is ideal for this. Custom-crafted sofas and accent tables convey an atmosphere of comfort and care.  And arranged well, they can greatly enhance the mood as well …


In order to create a welcoming atmosphere, it’s important to set that same kind of mood. There are two things that do that really well: Lighting and Music. Warm, welcoming lighting plays an important role in creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Makes sense, right? If the lighting is harsh or stark, the mood is simply not the same. Similarly, with music, the mood can be conveyed almost instantly. It doesn’t have to be quiet classical pieces playing in the background, but it shouldn’t too loud or so energized as to inhibit conversation. Which brings us to our next tip …


Being able to converse comfortably is a huge part of any experience in a home. If the music is too loud or places to sit are scarce, there will simply be fewer memorable conversations. This is also where beautiful  Amish furniture can help. Comfortable seating arrangements assembled throughout the home, especially in the kitchen, can create a year-round welcoming atmosphere. And they are also charming …

Charm and Character

A home with beautiful architectural detail will of course be charming. And, unique building features are always said to “have character.” But even in a home without turn-of-the-century brick detail or hand-carved banisters, charm and character can bring about and greatly add to a welcoming atmosphere. We recommend Amish furniture pieces with the same kind of detail as is seen on old buildings. For example, benches with hand-carved legs or magazine stands with intricate lines. Details like these make a home welcoming, but our last tip can’t be missed …


A welcoming atmosphere can never thrive in a home that is not comfortable. Comfort plays such an integral role. Comfort can be achieved with soft places to sit and an abundance of fabrics and textiles, but it can also be conveyed with creating a sense of coziness with Amish made furniture and a sense of calm and peace with other additions like plants and pillows.

If you are looking to create a warm and welcoming home by adding Amish made furniture, we would like to welcome you to browse our beautiful site or call to speak with any of our custom-furniture professionals to discuss your own custom-crafted piece.

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