How to Create a Warm & Inviting Home

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A warm, welcoming home begins with beautiful furniture. Furniture defines rooms, invites use, and goes a long way toward setting the design atmosphere for any space. If you want to create a comfortable retreat in your home, begin with the furniture. In today’s post we’re giving tips on how to select furniture and décor to create a convivial, cozy home.

First, an overarching theme: Seek authenticity. Let your interior design be a reflection of your true self. Avoid struggling for a style that’s not genuine to who you are. Guests will feel more at ease in your home if you honor your authentic preferences as far as color and style go. Another guideline is to unify design choices. Matching your furniture and decoration choices to an overarching design scheme will create a sense of consistency and comfort. Mismatched furniture and decorations is slightly jarring—it may not be obvious, but on the subconscious level, people naturally gravitate toward unified design.

Furniture Pieces that Naturally Cultivate Coziness
An inviting couch is a must-have for coziness. For a pop of color, consider adding a patterned chair, such as our Madison sofa chair. Recliners and ottomans invite guests to kick their feet up and relax. Center everything around a coffee table that’s sturdy and beautiful enough to be passed on to your children, like our Legacy Mission 105 coffee table.

Organizing Furniture for Coziness
Clear the Way. To make your home comfortable for guests, put yourself in their shoes. Enter your home with fresh eyes, as if you are a visitor. Clear away clutter and obstacles from your front walk. Ensure strong lighting at your front door. Select a glowing or lit doorbell that is easy to find. Place baskets and hooks near the main entrance, so guests have spots for their belongings. Add a key memento or photograph at the entry to give guests some insight into your family’s story. In the living room, include a few coffee table books that express your personality. Your guests will appreciate having something interesting to page through.

Get down to the Geometry. It’s awkward to shout across a long room for conversation. At the same time, there’s nothing like a cramped dinner table to put guests on edge. Make sure your seating arrangements include enough room to maneuver, and that furniture clusters are also close enough to encourage connection. Look in every room for what guests might need to feel comfortable—such as a kitchen stool to sit on while you cook dinner.

Define Private vs. Public Spaces. Guests and family members alike will appreciate clear boundaries between personal areas and shared spaces. Think about how you can use furniture to delineate private and personal areas. Screens are wonderful for conveying off-limit areas, while coasters, candles, and ottomans convey comfy, shared zones.

Decorations to Make your Home Welcoming and Cozy
Now that we’ve had a chance to think about the structural aspect of creating a warm, welcoming home, let’s turn our attention to specific design and decoration ideas for coziness:

  • Choose warm colors in paint, furniture, and décor. Warm colors are those on the lower end of the light spectrum—reds, yellows and oranges. Creams and browns are good complimenting tones with a grounding effect.
  • Plants are soothing to the spirit. Live plants and fresh flowers perk up moods while also improving indoor air quality.
  • A hearth is the epitome of coziness. If you have a fireplace, decorate the mantel and add a large painting or mirror. Or, add clusters of candles throughout your home to make guests feel like they are on a retreat.
  • Intriguing light fixtures add design pizzazz and a feeling of safety; dim environs feel less inviting than well-lit zones.
  • Framed mirrors are wonderful for boosting natural light. Choose a frame that will tie together the room’s design themes.
  • For a calming effect, create a cluster of framed artwork, themed photographs, and family portraits.

Beyond defining a room’s usage and style, long lasting furniture can also be a touchstone for memories. Sitting in a certain rocking chair might remind you of evenings reading in Grandma’s lap, while working at a nearby table brings up recollections of doing homework with your kids. To be such reminiscence reservoirs, furniture must be inviting and also durable enough to survive the passing generations.

Real wood furniture is warm—its rich earthy tones put visitors and family members at ease. At the same time, quality wood furniture is also long lasting—tough enough to last through child-rearing and into retirement. Here at Gish’s, we are passionate about producing strong, heirloom-quality Amish furniture. We have just the piece to bring that cozy quality to any room in your home, in a range of woods and stain options. Decorating in a country chic theme? We have the solid oak furniture you need. Prefer a Craftsman feel? Check out our mission tables, chairs, sofas and beds. We know that great furniture is more than eye candy—it also has to support your family’s everyday routines for years (and hopefully decades). Visit our stores for expert advice on combining good looks with functionality. Our no-stress sales assistants will help you find the perfect piece for your family, your budget, and your soon-to-be snug abode.

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