How To Furnish Your Office With Country Chic Furniture

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new office or you’re looking for ways to revamp your existing office space, the furniture you choose can have a big impact on you and your guests. Wooden office furniture is versatile and widely used in the professional workplace, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it durable and functional, but it’s also timeless and isn’t affected by fleeting fads.

One great way to make your office space look stylish, professional, and inviting is by filling it with quality wooden furniture. Here are some suggestions for turning your office space from bland to tasteful with a few key pieces of handmade, high quality furniture.

Classic Writing Desk

A classic writing desk immediately stirs up charming visions of 16th-century writers busily scribbling away on parchment paper with quill pens. A writing desk is a great choice if you have limited space in your office or if you like the simplistic homemade style. It gives you a place to do your work while leaving just enough space to display a few classic decorative pieces on the standard one-inch desktop. Classic writing desks are both attractive and unusual, so yours is bound to become the focal point of your office.

Executive Desk

If you’re looking for a more substantial piece of wooden office furniture than the understated classic writing desk, a wooden executive desk may be a better choice. It still carries authentic charm while remaining stately and impressive. Choose an executive desk with plenty of drawer space for your files, small electronics and loose papers.


Is your office large and imposing? If so, a charming wood credenza can immediately make it look and feel more approachable and welcoming. Credenzas allow you to make the best use of the vertical space in your office so you have more horizontal space to move around. When selecting a credenza that complements the style of your décor, look for contrasting drawer panels, simple embellishments and other little details that add authentic charm to your working space.


A bookshelf is one of the most classic pieces of furniture you can own. You don’t need to worry about filling it up entirely with books, either. It’s stylish to strategically place books, clocks and other decorative elements in a seemingly random arrangement on the shelves with plenty of space between them. If your office has enough room for one, a wooden bookshelf is essential for rounding out your rustic chic style.

Wood Executive Chair

A wood executive chair is the perfect component to complete your chic office theme. Whether you choose an all-wood style or one that incorporates wood with the rich look of brown leather, your executive chair will become one of the most admired pieces in your office.

Now that you know what types of office furniture fit the farmhouse chic style, you may be wondering where to find them. Gish’s Furniture makes custom furniture from solid hardwood for unsurpassed durability and beauty. Take a look at our classic selection of wood office furniture to find the perfect additions for your work space.

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