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Given that furniture is a major investment, it’s only natural to hope for years of ensuing enjoyment. Unfortunately, some furniture makers churn out pieces that are cheap to build, cheap to buy, and cheap enough to fall apart after only a year or two. That’s not the kind of furniture that we build here at Gish’s. Furniture should not be purchased for planned obsolescence. You shouldn’t have to replace that couch or sofa chair in three years. At least, that’s what our Amish craftsman would argue.

Amish furniture is built using time-tested techniques passed down from craftsman to craftsman, from generation to generation. That’s why you can see a difference between Amish made furniture and factory made furniture. The Amish take real pride in their work. The Amish intention is to create works of great beauty and great utility.

Compared to factory-made furniture, Amish furniture is more durable. More advanced construction techniques allow the Amish to build exquisitely strong joints, where furniture tends to fail. Amish carpenters also select the lumber for each piece, extending use. Finally, classic, universally appealing styles allow Gish’s Amish furniture to withstand the fickle winds of fashion.

We stand by our work with some of the industry’s best warranties. Read on to discover our five-year warranties for craftsmanship and cushion work. We also describe the Guardsman Protection Plan, an optional add-on you can select at the point of purchase.

Gish’s Furniture Warranties

Five-Year Craftsmanship Warranty
Don’t lose any sleep worrying if your furniture is a good investment. With Gish’s, you know the workmanship is covered for five years. Our furniture is built with integrated hardwood frames, precision-cut for a flush fit. If any construction defect occurs, we will fix it. Squeaky chair? We will take care of it. A drawer doesn’t quite fit right? We’ve got you covered. We promise high quality construction, and we will repair or replace any Gish’s furniture that presents workmanship defects within the first five years of ownership.

Five-Year Cushion Warranty
Nobody likes saggy cushions. Yet this is an area that substandard furniture makers often skimp on. What appears to be a perfectly fluffy, supportive cushion on purchase may unfortunately flatten after only a few months of use. Gish’s furniture is built to a higher standard. Our craftsmanship is obvious on both the inside and outside of our furniture pieces. Our cushions feature solid block seal foam, with enhanced foam optional. (Enhanced foam includes steel tornado coils that prevent settling. All Gish’s furniture cushions are under warranty for five years.

Guardsman Protection Plan
Want to ensure that your Gish’s Furniture lasts as long as possible? Opt for the additional Guardsman Protection Plan. Guardsman Protection covers your furniture against everyday accidents and damage, including:

    • Household stains
    • Food and Beverage stains
    • Ink stains
    • Nail polish, lipstick, and nail polish
    • Heat marks, burns, scratches, and gouges in wood
    • Rips, cuts, tears, and punctures in most fabrics
    • Burns in leather and wood

The bottom line is that the Guardsman Protection Plan covers damage caused by you or your guests. Plus, if you don’t use your protection plan within five years, you can return it to one of our stores and use it for store credit! This is a win-win situation for your furniture.

At Gish’s, we stand behind the quality of our furniture. When you buy from Gish’s, you won’t feel buyer’s regret later. Self-doubt that you chose the right product will not plague you post-purchase. Rather, you will feel delighted as the years tick by and your furniture continues to perform brilliantly. To learn more about our warranties and protection plan, stop into or call one of our stores, or fill out our online contact form.

[Photo by Ian & Victoria Schneider via CC Commons]

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