A Guide to Children’s Furniture

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For expecting couples, creating a nursery is a rite of passage. Choosing furniture, mobiles, and cuddle buddies for baby is a pleasant way to anticipate and prepare for parenthood. However, keeping track of everything your new baby will need can also be stressful. There’s so much to remember about being a new parent. As purveyors of fine wood furniture, we want to make it easy to select enduring, beautiful children’s furniture for your own child, or as a gift for new parents. That’s why we’ve put together this list of essential children’s furniture.

Important Furniture Pieces for New Babies

A Crib. This is the low-hanging fruit of our children’s furniture list. Everyone knows a new baby needs a place to sleep. There are several types of cribs. Convertible cribs can transition into toddler beds and/or day beds. Traditional cribs feature tall railings and panels to keep baby safe. Co-sleeper cribs are another option for parents who want baby to be close. As you shop cribs, look for sturdiness. Your crib must be strong enough to stand up to an inquisitive, active wobbler.

A Nursing or Rocking Chair. Baby’s sleep patterns may not be consistent for a year or more following birth. That’s why it’s important to create an inviting, comfortable environment for soothing and nourishment. Look for a chair that will help Mom and Dad feel cared for while they care for the newest family member. Add a footstool for extra comfort. A side table nearby will be handy for keeping a cup of water, your phone, reading materials, and your baby’s feeding/sleep log.

Changing Table/Dresser. A special place for changing diapers is necessary. It’s important that the baby be unable to roll off any high surface. Look for protective railings or other features designed to keep baby safe. Consider a table that also has storage. You will need space for a basket of diapers, balms, wipes, lotions, and hand sanitizer. With a changing pad on top, a dresser may be used for changing diapers. Plus, the dresser can continue to store clothes for the toddler and growing child.

High Chair. Chow time! Babies will need a special chair for dining with the family. A detachable food tray will make for easy clean up. Some high chairs may be folded down for storage; consider this option if you have limited space. Traveling is easier with a portable high chair. Parents may opt for a solid wood high chair for dining at home, and a folding plastic high chair for travel.

If you’re looking for a lasting, meaningful gift for new parents, Amish children’s furniture is an excellent choice. It brings many benefits:

  • Heirloom quality means that today’s children will be able to enjoy the same pieces with their children.
  • Safety. Wood is safer than plastic because it is easy to clean and easy to refinish. Some plastic furniture off-gasses dangerous chemicals. What’s more, stains are difficult to remove from plastic furniture.
  • Durability allows Amish furniture to stand up to years of use.

In setting up a nursery, parents create a safe nest where mother, father, and child can bond. The first few years of life inform children about healthy emotional attachments. This is critical knowledge that will impact relationships across the lifespan. Babies and toddlers learn how to love, show affection, and communicate with family members. Healthy attachments foster children’s independence, trust, and emotional intelligence. Having the right furniture and furnishings will create a positive, healthy environment for learning these lifelong skills.

When you choose Amish furniture heirlooms, memories of deep love will be passed on to future generations. Imagine your daughter as a new mom, nursing her infant in the same rocking chair where she was nursed. Or picture your son as the proud new dad, changing diapers on the dresser that was in his nursery as a child. This is possible with durable, beautiful Amish bedroom sets.

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