How to Select the Perfect Amish Bedroom Set

Your bedroom is your sanctuary—a place to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. The bedroom set is important because it sets the tone for your personal oasis. It must resonate with you.
Franklin Furniture Institute has found that 28% of people say their favorite furniture is in the bedroom because it “represents relaxation and privacy.” Here at Gish’s Furniture, we sell a range of stunning Amish bedroom sets in various styles. To create your ideal bedroom oasis with our handcrafted wood furniture, follow the steps below.

Steps to Choosing the Bedroom Set

Step 1: Measure your Bedroom.

Make sure to assess the size of your bedroom. You’ll need enough room for the pieces you desire, plus ample space for flow. Measure the dimensions of your bedroom for a basic idea of what will fit within. You may even choose to sketch out the room, with any architectural details showing. Then, you can pencil in possible locations for the bed, dresser, etc.

Step 2: Decide on a Bed Size.

Are you single and proud of it? A twin bed may suffice. Cozy couples may be able to get away with a full bed, although most will prefer at least a queen, if not a king size bed.

Step 3: Select the Number of Pieces.

Of course you will need a bed. But what else? Do you watch TV in bed? If so, one of our armoires, such as the Brooklyn Armoire, can neatly tuck the TV away when not in use. Will you need a place to store jewelry and baubles? Do you like to have a side table for reading materials? The Brooklyn nightstand will fit the bill perfectly. Ask such questions to determine if you need an armoire, dresser, and night stands. Additional wood bedroom furniture options include chests, dressers, hope chests, and jewelry armoires. We also offer storage beds and mirrors, as well as mattresses to complete your bedroom set. Your furniture needs will depend on how much you need to store, as well as how you use your bedroom. For instance, some people require a large bedroom mirror in their bedrooms, to prepare for the day. Our Brooklyn Leaner Mirror with built-in support would be the perfect choice. Others may prefer to preen in the bathroom; an additional dresser may better suit them.

Step 4: Choose a Style.

Here’s where your personal preference steps to center stage. From simple mission or shaker styling to more ornate Florentine styling, our master Amish craftsmen make furniture to suit many tastes. It may be helpful to think about the tone you wish the room to set. If a strong, masculine flavor is what you seek, our Kingston series will be fitting. Or, if you like warm tones with modern lines, the Brooklyn series could be ideal. The bed often sets the tone for the whole room, so if you lean toward mid-century comfort, our Brooklyn Deluxe Bed will create the right atmosphere. It features a unique glass headboard inset for a feeling of unique luxury.

Step 5: Pick out a Color and Finish.

At this point, you understand which furniture pieces you require, and you have a good idea of which styles will work for you. Now it’s time to hammer down the details, including which timber and stain you prefer. All of our furniture is finished with a catalyzed conversion varnish, for a resilient finish that highlights the wood’s personality. Select from dozens of stains to harmonize with your color scheme. You’ll also need to select a wood—we build furniture in oak, quarter-sawn white oak, cherry, rustic cherry, and brown maple. However, we can also source hickory, walnut, elm, and other timbers to match your desires. Just remember that what you see on our website is only a tiny fraction of your bedroom set options. For instance, our Brooklyn Dresser is shown in rustic cherry with a Boston stain, but we can customize this piece to your preference of wood and stain.

Franklin Furniture Institute survey found that 95.1% of respondents strongly agreed with the statement, “I expect my furniture to last for many years,” defined as more than fifteen years. One female participant explained her take succinctly when she said, “You are the one who is going to live with it, like a husband you want it to last a long time!” A male respondent reported that the bedroom furniture was his favorite because “it was our first purchase when we got married….[it] is very beautiful and sturdy.” To ensure you fall more and more in love with your bedroom set as time goes by, take care to reflect on the above elements. With careful thought, you can create the bedroom of your dreams.

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