WHERE DO I FIND INSPIRATION FOR COLOR? A good place to find inspiration is in your artwork. We buy art because we like the way it evokes emotions. If you have artwork that you found while vacationing with your spouse and every time you look at it you feel happy and secure, that would make a good springboard. Bring your favorite artwork to Gish’s Furniture and our designers will help you coordinate a beautiful room with our solid, hardwood furniture as well as our quality made, upholstered pieces. If you don’t have any inspiring artwork, take a day with your significant other and stroll through your city’s art galleries looking for something that speaks to you. Discuss the art. Why do you like it? Is it the subject matter? Are the colors pleasing? Does it make you feel a special emotion? Choose at least one piece that you both like. Take a digital photo of the art. Download the app ColorSnap by Sherwin Williams. This app will allow you to choose a photo and it will give you the corresponding number of every color in the photo. You have an instant color palette. Of these colors, choose one of the more neutral colors to paint the walls. Choose secondary and tertiary colors for other elements of the room. A sprinkle of a bold fourth color used in in accent pieces will add interest to your room. Happy Decorating! Karen Roehm [email protected]

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