Penny Wise Dollar Wiser

Being a new store on a busy North Baltimore corridor, people often drive by, many times, before they decide to approach “that Amish Store”, to check us out and “see” what we’re about. Once they’ve walked through the vestibule, you can see the look on their face. The remarks are often, “I didn’t know what you sold here”, or “We thought Amish built pine boxes”. They never imagined from the roadside such a large and beautiful showroom that becomes a visual oasis of possibilities…

Truth be told, we handcraft fine furnishings for every room in your home. Our solid wood furniture is built by approximately 40 master Amish craftsmen of Ohio. And may I add, at an extremely affordable price.

Allow me to tell you the story of what occurred in our store the Monday past. A mother and adult daughter, (Anne & Sherri) snuck into the showroom a few minutes before we usually open. Sherri, dressed in her business attire, her mother Anne, much more casually clothed, took 6 steps into the store. Sherri looked immediately to her left, and she exclaimed “That’s my table”! As I ran to greet her, she pulled a web page print out of her large handbag. It was indeed the mirror image of the rustic and distressed table she was standing next to. It was the “feature” photo on the website from a very well known “box” furniture store.

Yes, the size (42”x &2”), style (rustic and weathered, with turnbuckle accents), and color of stain (a rich amber cherry) looked exactly like our table. And their table was $99.00 less than our tables’ tag. I suggested we pull up the description of their table on my tablet to begin the process of deeply comparing the two. Knowing that our table is solid wood, through and through, and that we offer the most resilient finish, a true catalyzed conversion varnish, the box stores’ table score paled in comparison. We clicked on the specifications of the table, as it was there that we read the composite of the table. It had been labeled Solid Cherry Wood Veneer, over a Medium Density Fiberboard. Why, it wasn’t even solid wood after all.

It became apparent to my new friend and client that this is where she needed to buy. The decision to buy at Gish’s made her mother Anne so happy. She knew that quality would surround her family and make lasting memories for years and years to come. Come visit that little Amish store on York Road. Gish’s 5th, and newest store. You’ll love the friendly and inviting ambiance. Be “Penny Wise and Dollar Wiser”.

by Heather Harris

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