A season for every wood

Any heirloom dining room table is gorgeous, but even the most eye-catching furniture can use some festive cheer in December. Here are some decorating tips to get your wood furniture in the merry mood.

Color parade – Whether your area gets gorgeous white snow piles or a less exciting grey cloud cover, the outdoor color palette is the most monotone this time of year. But that doesn’t mean the indoors has to be. Bring color to your table setting with bold plates, napkins or placemats. Bright colors will also increase the rich tones of your heirloom table, striking the homey vibe we crave around the holidays.

Quilted table runner or placemats – While temperatures may make the idea of wrapping up in a blanket at the dinner table tempting, it’s a less than convenient way to eat. Instead, bring the cozy-blanket atmosphere to the table with a quilted table runner or placemats. Depending on the thickness of the runner, it can also double as a hot pad for dishes.

Wood on wood – Nothing contrasts as nicely as the color and texture of freshly sliced wood against the sleek and polished table. While we’re all for these rustic looking place settings, don’t place the wood directly on your table top. Make sure a thick placemat protects your more refined surfaces from the scratchy bark.

Food: not just for eating – sweet-smelling, colorful and non-perishable ingredients of the holidays can make great centerpieces. Fill a vase with sugar and red cranberries. Place a cinnamon stick between a napkin and the napkin holder. Fill a glass bowl with oranges. Resist the urge to eat your decorations.

Bring winter inside – Tending your garden isn’t the most popular activity this time of year, so bring seasonal plants inside. Cut sprigs of evergreen branches and tie them to a napkin with twine for a festive table accent. Place pinecones along a table runner or fill a vase with holly and pine branches. Even bare branches can look festive when placed in a colorful vase or dipped in glitter.

Gift the table – Share the Season of Giving with your guests by using items already in your Santa-gift-wrapping station. Wrap small boxes and place them along the center of the table. Take gift-bows or thick ribbons and tie them around napkins. Use some of your round ornaments to fill a bowl or vase at the center of the table.

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