What Size Table Do I Need?

The holidays are just around the corner. Imagine a family meal with all of your loved ones present, a delicious turkey and fine fellowship. If they’re anything like my gatherings, it’s a bit hectic, loud, and even crazy. This is what memories are made of. It is a celebration of family, friends and belonging.

Are you thinking of hosting a holiday meal? Here are some general guidelines for buying a Gish’s Furniture table that will accommodate your guests with comfort.

An average table is 42” wide. This provides plenty of space for dishes and a centerpiece. If you a have a large room, wider than 13’, you can comfortably handle a 48” wide table which will provide more space for dishes and elaborate tablescapes. 38” tables can be made to accommodate a smaller room less than 10’ wide.

The length of the table will determine how many people you can seat. This assumes your chairs are up to 20” wide. Without leaves, a 54” table will hold 4 people. A 60” table will seat 6 people. A 66” table will seat 6 people. A 72” table will seat 8 people.

Next, add self-storing leaves to increase the table’s length. Leaves are about 12” wide. A general rule of thumb for adding leaves is that 2 leaves will seat 2 more people. Add up to an additional 4 people with 4 leaves. Our tables can self-store up to 4 leaves. That means you can easily increase the size of your table without having to pull out leaves from the basement or a bedroom. They are stored right in the table itself.

Our leg tables can be made with up to 20 leaves. Now that’s a crowd! A 5 foot table with 20 leaves would seat 28 people. Of course you would need about 30’ of space for this table. Newer, open concept homes can sometimes handle a large table if it is configured to allow for the table to extend into the family room area.

Round tables can seat 4 if your diameter is 48”, 5 if 54”, 6 if 60” and 8 if the table measures 84” round. Round tables can be made oval with the addition of leaves and will seat 2 people for every 2 leaves.

Measure your space before coming to a Gish’s Furniture store. We will help you maximize your seating potential to enable you to host the best holiday meal ever!

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